Hire a Professional Landscaper For Your Next Home Project

Your lawn and garden do not look like they once did. Maybe weeds have taken over. Some areas don’t get enough sunlight. Others might get not enough water. You’ve tried to fix the problems yourself, but it’s difficult to get that look you desire all on your own. Well, have you considered hiring a professional landscaper?

Caretakers Property Maintenance is a leader when it comes to residential landscaping projects. Our experts have decades of knowledge and experience and will provide your home with a creative and colorful design at an affordable price.

Whatever your vision is, Caretakers can draft a landscaping design that perfectly matches what you have in mind. We can maximize the potential of your lawn and garden space, regardless of the size. You may have acres of land or just a small area behind a condo. Caretakers has seen almost every situation and provide the right look, and the right plants, to let your local ecosystem thrive.

An expertly designed landscape won’t just boost curb appeal, but can also increase the value of your home. The Washington Post reported that a general guideline is to invest 10 percent of your home’s value into landscaping, which can even result in up to 1,000 percent return on investment.

If costs are a concern, think about the money you can save after the job is done. Installing an efficient water system within the landscaping will cut your water bill down drastically. Using the required amount of water, and not too much more, will also have environmental benefits, so you won’t see harm done to your foliage due to overwatering.

Speaking of water, an adequately landscaped yard can prevent water from entering your house. Caretakers knows that with the snow and rains we get in West Michigan, that it is possible for water to find its way into the lower levels of your home. New landscaping can feature a drainage system that will safely redirect any water away from your home, and preventing a catastrophe.

As much as we know homeowners love a DIY project, some ventures are better left to the professionals. Let Caretakers Property Maintenance be the ones you choose to ensure that your landscaping vision becomes a reality. For more information on residential landscaping, call Caretakers Property Maintenance at 616-942-0449 today.

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