Spring is the Best Time to Install a New Irrigation System

If your home or business has a large yard, then you know the struggles of trying to keep your grass green throughout the year. Watering the area with just a hose can take a long time, and a sprinkler attachment can over cover certain spots. You can conserve time, and water, by installing a new irrigation system.

There are many significant benefits to adding an irrigation system to your property. Early morning watering with a hose can be a time-consuming process, not to mention the inconvenience of setting that morning alarm.

Drip and sprinkler irrigation systems use timers that can be set to daily or weekly waterings, and you never need to monitor the watering. Plus, an efficient irrigation system will end up saving you money on your water bill.

When using an irrigation system in your garden, you will notice the difference in your crops. Specialized irrigation systems will direct water specifically to each plant’s roots, rather than sprinkling the entire garden.

Watering the roots can prevent leaf diseases caused by standing droplets, and by targeting only the area you want watering, fewer weeds will appear in your garden.

You can get a head start on your lawn care this year by calling Caretakers Property Maintenance. Caretakers has a proven design process – we visit the site to measure, examine, survey your land and conduct a detailed interview to discover your needs.

Our irrigation services experts will design the ideal setup and install your system. We handle irrigation start-up in spring, shut down in fall, and any repairs that might be needed.

This summer, don’t let the grass be greener on the other side, make your lawn the greenest, healthiest, and most vibrant one on the block. For more information on installing a new irrigation system for your home or business, call Caretakers Property Maintenance at 616-942-0449 today.

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