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Mowing your lawn can be a task on its own, and can be a grueling experience once you start using the edger and string trimmer. Sometimes it seems like you need to mow every weekend, and you can’t keep up with the rate your grass grows. When you’re ready for the professionals to take over that job, you need the best West Michigan lawn care company.

Caretakers Property Maintenance offers the perfect landscaping that will suit your home or business’ needs. Whether you want the works or a freshly mowed lawn, the Caretaker’s team will keep your property tidy and clean.

We provide many lawn care services, including fertilization, weed control, mowing and edging, trimming, and leaf removal. Caretakers know that it can be tough to take care of your lawn without the proper equipment, so we are here for you and all of West Michigan to make maintaining your landscaping quick and efficient.

Take back your weekend by eliminating one painstakingly long chore. When Caretakers is in charge of your lawn, you will not need to purchase, or maintain, any of your law equipment. Most importantly, hiring a professional lawn care service will vastly improve your curb appeal. There’s a reason landscaping companies invest in the best lawn mowers: because they do the best job possible.

If you’re in West Michigan and need a professional lawn care service, then you need to call Caretakers Property Maintenance. Caretakers will guarantee that we will take care of your home or business’ lawn as if it were our own. For more information on professional lawn care services, call Caretakers Property Maintenance at 616-942-0449 today.

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